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by - September 10, 2017

Dear readers,

I am crazy about lipsticks. My very first lipstick is "Ruby Woo" by MAC Cosmetics. The colour ruby woo was my inspiration for my pseudonym "RubyliXious". But MAC is not only famous for its lipstick. There are lot more to discover, but not everything is good. I was absolutely disappointed in the primer of MAC, so I gave MAC up for a little while. My sister had the idea to buy me bronzer and highlighter of MAC for my birthday and I was skeptical first.

MAC, highlighter, bronzer

I tried out a lot of bronzer and highlighter, but I was not satisfied. I like light highlighter with glitter and bronzer with glitter as well. But most of the bronzer and highlighter with glitter were too much to handle. Therefore, I was happy about the quality of the products my sister bought me.

Not only happy, I am flashed, literally. These are definitely my favourites of MAC. I really love my lipsticks, but I can't live without these. I don't actually use them just for bronzer and highlighter. They are perfectly as eye makeup as well. They contouring my face and it the best part I look fabolous with all the glitter on my face.

MAC, highlighter, bronzer

And as we all know the quality of MAC, it lasts the whole day and night. The price is fair for this quality. I have mine since April now and I still have a lot, so I think I don't need to rebuy it so often. So, the price is really fair.

xo, RubyliXious

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  1. I'm glad you love these! I do too :)

    Funmi x