scotch on the rocks

by - January 01, 2018

Dear readers,

new year, new me? No, not really. I just focus on what I am progressing since beginning of 2017. I'm still working on my body, still evolving my skills and focussing on my career. Especially focussing on college. Since I've been working so much, I never found time to paint and draw. I had so many time before work to improve my sketch skills, but now I realized I let it slide a lot.

In my portfolio I found a lot of interesting sketches I made for my application for the study course advertising design. I remember this work. I put a lot of time and work on this sketch. I can't really remember why I was inspired by the Johnny Walker logo. It was so complicated to sketch the behaviour of ice on water.

scotch on the rocks, sketch, art, pencil

It's not really my favourite drink if you're asking me. I am more the cocktail type. Sweet, fruity and delicious. By the way. One of my resolution this year is to drink more. Yeah, exactly. Drink more. The last few years I drank less, as I always thought I get older I have to drink less. But I don't mean drink more cheap alcohol or loads of cocktails. I mean to try out expensive alcohol like the one time with Niclas in an expensive restaurant. We were trying out an expensive drink served in a skull bottle filled with rose bloom syrup booze and wood smoke.

2017 was very hard for me. Mainly, for my relationship to Niclas. 2018 won't be better, but we make the best out of it.

xo, RubyliXious

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  1. Wow ! Hast du das gezeichnet ? Wie schön einfach !

  2. Du hast wirklich Talent! Super Zeichnung und alles Gute für 2018.
    Viele Grüße,

  3. Wow, die Zeichnung ist wirklich super! Ich wünsche dir ein ganz tolles Jahr 2018 :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Jimena von

  4. Toll hast du das gezeichnet! Ich wünsche dir ein schönes leichteres 2018 und viel Zeit zum Malen =)
    Love, Héloise
    Et Omnia Vanitas

  5. Great post, Dear ❤️
    I'd be happy friendship blogs ♥️ Subscribe to your Blogger