goodbye turunc

by - September 11, 2017

Dear readers,

I think it is important for me, even on this blog, to restore some of my posts mainly in the travel section. Since I getting started with college lately I can't travel. Busy with study and work, force me to put my travel destinations on the end of my bucket list right now. But as I said, I liked wallow in my travel memories. And I like to start with the first trip of Niclas and me.

He was in Australia for a couple of months which was really hard for us, so he promised me to travel with me right when he's coming back.

Turunc, travel

We booked our hotel in Turunc and I really have to commend this hotel and generally this place. The food was awesome, the people was friendly and there are a lot of activities you can do e.g. we did the boat trip where they take you to different bays and you could swim in the open sea.

The only thing that disappoints me was the shopping trip in the neighbor city Marmaris. I couldn't really enjoy going shopping, because most of the stuff are fake ones. I thought I would find a beautiful little boutique, but every boutique sells the same "typical turkey" stuff.
At least I bought souvenirs at the airport in duty-free shops and a souvenir-shop in turunc.

Turunc, travel

This vacation was restorative and its strengthen our relationship a lot. Our first trip together and we actually handle it perfectly. I can't wait for more trips with him. It would be awesome to see the world with him.

xo, RubyliXious

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