long hair don't care

by - September 18, 2017

Dear readers

the best part of being a woman is having all those pretty clothes and stuff, makeup, attention and long hair. Okay, nowadays men can have it all as well. But in this case I am pretty conservative. Men shouldn't wear makeup and long hair should match to that type of man.

fineliner sketching

In some way I either like drawing woman than man. I don't know if it's because of the hair. I test my skills in drawing with fineliner pens lately and drawing hair was the easiest part. I took a picture of myself as a little helper. My hair is really way too long.

I needed to sketch it with pencil first because I'm not that good. Drawing hair is unbelievable relaxing. And I need to sketch more as college starts in a few days. I'm pretty nervous to give up my full time job, but it is a new chapter I have to accept.

xo, RubyliXious

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  1. Nice Post:)


  2. Keep up the work of art- your sketch is very good! :) xx Maja
    Maja's Muffin

  3. Wow, that's art! That sketch is great.

    Funmi xx