by - September 09, 2017

Dear readers,

I fought against my thoughts. And against my lazyness. For about a couple of months now to start completely new with my blog. Getting more professional. And mostly implementing my evolvement of design skills. Three years after my apprenticeship, I just had to start a comeback. My old blog and its template was horrible. I couldn't represent myself on that blog any longer.

I was getting exhausted and lazy about the blog. I couldn't get myself up to write new posts. But now, I was brave enough to let this happen.


It all started with the redesign of my logo and the branding in general. I used fonts before, but now I knew it has to be my own. No free fonts and also no to paid fonts. I designed it myself. The next step was to find main colours matching to me. Black and white was too simple and not innovative enough. So I mixed my own colours and created my own colour theme. I insisted on black and white, but mixed it with anthracite and blue. The highlight colour has to be rose mixed with gold.

The next step was to find a template, but a simple one, where I can individualized it myself, after improving my skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript. As I am reforming the template matching to my own design, months passed by. The last step was the most difficult one.

I had to clean up my social media accounts. It costs a lot of time to get likes and followers on Instagram, but it has to be done. I deleted it all. It has to match perfectly to my blog.

But I'm pretty relieved right now. Sure, some fixing stuff needs to be done and I already prepared for new sponsors and mainly for the new me. I hope to care more about this blog than my other one.

Even college will start in october for me, I just have to focus on this as well.
So, stay tuned and evolve with me and my blog.

xo, RubyliXious

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