by - September 20, 2017

Dear readers,

I think since the day I started to use makeup, I always had a favourite makeup brand. It changes a lot and it mostly depend on the product. But I recognize I use Smashbox a lot. My best friend presented me a contour kit by Smashbox on my birthday once and I was curious about the brand.


I took advises of makeup artist I know and I collect samples to learn more about the brand and at least, I can't stop buying them.

smashbox, photo finish primer oil, studio skin foundation
smashbox, always on liquid lipstick

I swear on the Smashbox photo finish primer oil I used it nearly every day. Just nearly every day, because this product is always sold out! I planned to buy more in reserve. Never using the foundation of Smashbox before, but I read loads of positive comments about it. I actually use the perfect match by L'Oréal, but it don't last all day long. And I need the matte effect.
I will create my makeup look with this foundation soon.

My next growing collection is the always on liquid lipstick. The colours are absolutely pigmented and matte and they definitely beat my MAC matte lipsticks collection. They last a whole day and a whole night, but it's getting really dry on my lips. My trick is to put vaseline on my lips or the photo finish primer oil to make my lips a little bit moist again.

smashbox, mascara, full explosure, x-rated

I also tried out the different mascaras and I am convinced of the x-rated mascara. I bought it by advise from a makeup artist. It's a little bit more expensive than the full explosure mascara, but the quality is much better. The full explosure mascara has a mini me, and the mini me is definitely much better than in original size.


I order my products online right from their site, since I recognize there are more benefits and cheaper to get them on their page. You don't even need to be a member to get a lot of discounts on the products. I just wished they are working on the texture and formula of their always on liquid lipstick making the lips less dry.

That would make me sooo happy.

xo, RubyliXious

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    Alles Liebe Marie💗

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  3. You got such lovely stuff! I love Smashbox, their makeup products are amazing!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris |