why always black?

by - September 13, 2017

Dear readers,

firstly, black is a colour. Having art as advanced course in school and mainly after my apprenticeship as digital media designer, I know black is definitely a colour. So anybody, who says black is my favourite colour, is not wrong!

But what I want to tell is actually, why I always wear black. Black makes you look skinnier? Yeah, maybe, but that's not why I'm wearing black that often.

black, ootnblack, ootn

velvet choker by forever 21
knotted tank top by bershka
silk jogger pants by H&M
sandals by bershka
bracelet by forever 21

For me, it matches perfectly to my skin, to my hair and to my type. As I am plumper than other asian women, I can't wear light colours. So, I even wear black with black. For me it looks very sophisticated to combine black with black. And it is more fun then to set colours as highlights as in accessories, shoes and even makeup.

In this outfit, I had to look stylish and classy as the theme of the party was my fathers class reunion. I chose the knotted tank top with a silk jogger. It made it comfortable for the whole evening. And the accessory part was actually easy. I thought about a statement necklace first, but I decided to wear a black velvet choker instead. To choose the shoes was absolutely my favourite! I like my grungy boho sandals which made my look more edgy.

I will attempt to post more outfit posts, but I warn you, it will be mostly in black.

xo, RubyliXious

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  1. Das Outfit hat was! I like it :)


  2. You look absolutely beautiful, tthuy! ♥ I love wearing black too, well it always depends on my mood. There are days when I feel like dressing up with light or bright colors! Hihi.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  3. I am the same, I wear mostly black too, I am going to get a not black coat to look less like I am going to a funeral. Thank you for sharing, look forward to more ootds. Followed you on Bloglovin' xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | YouTube

  4. Outfit looks elegant and simple, I like it! Yes, black suits you so much, I wish it suited me too~

    Have a nice day :)


  5. Ich trage auch am liebsten Schwarz :) Ja, vielleicht auch, weil es dich schlanker wirken lässt. Aber schwarz steht auch einfach jedem!! Gelb lässt mich krank aussehen, grün blass. Blau und rot geht noch, aber auch nicht jeder Ton. Ich bin ein gelblicher Hauttyp und ich finde, weiß unterstreicht das noch. Deswegen schwarz :) Dafür trage ich dann sehr auffälligen Schmuck, das macht alles wieder wett, finde ich^^ Am liebsten mag ich Schmuck von Swarovski, der ist besonders extravagant und passt sehr gut zu black-all-over ;)
    Also, von mir aus - gerne viel mehr Outfits in schwarz!