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by - October 05, 2017

Dear readers,

since summer won't arrive Germany, I was really happy about the package I received by Zaful. They send me two cute summer playsuits and they are incredibly lovely. Zaful celebrate its 3rd anniversary and there are so many cute pieces they're adding to their collections and the prices are invincible mainly with all the sales action.

Actually I planned to wear them on a photoshooting outdoor, but as we all know the weather right now in Germany, it was way too wet to get outside in a summer playsuit. I was so disappointed, but my sister said it will look great indoor as well and I have to write the review about it soon.

zaful, playsuits, bell sleeves, floral, pattern

The first playsuit I want to present is in light blue. It has huge bell sleeves, it own belts and it's shoulder free. It looks so adorable mainly when I combine it with my beige sandals and my cute bag with cords. The negative aspect of this playsuit is the material. It is rough and needs to be ironed as you can see. But I really like the look though, so it wouldn't mind me too much to iron it, if I wear it, although I really hate ironing.

zaful, playsuits, bell sleeves, floral, pattern
zaful, playsuits, bell sleeves, floral, pattern

shoulderless playsuit with bell sleeves by Zaful
black velvet bag with cords by Bershka
beige sandals by Bershka

The second one is a floral chiffon beauty. Actually I'm not really a floral pattern fan and I'm more the black, grey & white type, but the color of this playsuit is so adorable and really matching to my taste. I love the cut and the material a lot. And there are so many options to combine this playsuit, but in the end you will always look adorable and girly. Mainly in the wedding season of the year. And for these events it is always important to feel comfortable in your outfit and as on wedding I love to eat, this outfit will still be on point.

zaful, playsuits, bell sleeves, floral, pattern
zaful, playsuits, bell sleeves, floral, pattern

floral playsuit by Zaful
golden bracelet by Forever 21

As I mentioned before they're having sale right now because of their 3rd year anniversary and there are so many stuff to look at for example "rose dress". They are as cute as my playsuits.

But there are way more to browse through. Just convince yourself. I had to post this summer look in october. I'm still disappointed from summer in germany this year. I wasn't even able to wear all the dresses and skirts and shorts I bought in winter.

xo, RubyliXious

–  in cooperation with Zaful  –

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  1. You looks so fabulous! It's really great!

  2. Oh very cute playsuits darling!

  3. Those are pretty playsuits! The blue one is my favorite! <3

    Angelie // Try before you buy with Sample Room

  4. That's cool. I like your blog. Go to my blog

  5. Beautiful romper! Looks great on you!