fine flowers toner by L'Oréal

by - October 25, 2017

Dear readers,

seems like this year was full of stress and ends with full of stress for Niclas and me. We finished our apprenticeship at the same time and begin to go to college at the same damn time. And if starting studying at college isn't enough for me, I can't give up my job, so I have a deal with my employer for a new contract. Seems like full time job and full time study for me right now.

I'm pretty exhausted. Beside my career, I have to satisfied the other sections of my life like my family, my social life and my hobbies. 24 hours aren't definitely not enough, so I had to quit sports.

But quitting sports is way too much for my body as I'm eating non-stop. And with my eating behaviour, no sports at all and full of stress, my skin feels very unhealthy at the moment. The more I am happy about receiving a skincare product by L'Oréal Paris.

fine flowers toner, L'Oréal

It is the skincare toner of the fine flowers collection. The scent of this product is just wonderful. It smells like rose water and jasmine flowers and the colour is really girly like the scent.

I tested it for a week now. Every night before going to bed and after removing makeup, I washed my face with the fine flowers toner. It seems like it removed the rest of the missing makeup and it makes my skin smooth and soft.

Even if it smells good and the feeling of my skin is wonderful, I still had some stress spots. I think as a routine skin care, my face will be soft and smooth for a long while, but not as a cleansing against impurities. But honestly, I wouldn't buy it. It can't be defined as a cleansing product neither than a makeup remover. There are way better products for skin care, but I definitely adore the scent and the size of this product!

xo, RubyliXious

– in cooperation with L'Oréal Paris –

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  1. This toner looks interesting, I wanted to try it but I only found micelar water from this series :(

  2. Schöne Review! Ich war ja immer in Versuchung, mir das Gesichtswasser mitzunehmen, obwohl es eigentlich nicht so gut zu meinem Hauttyp passt, aber das kann ich mir dann wohl eher sparen =)

    Love, Héloise
    Et Omnia Vanitas

  3. Interesting product! This toner seems to be very good)

  4. Ooohh I know exactly who you feel at the moment!!! I worked besides my studies as well but had to quit it in the end because there were problems with my exam schedule and uni is definitely more important! :))

    The toner looks pretty at least hahah! I'm using a toner with rose water and rose blossoms as well but from a Korean brand. I'm using the toner as a in between step after cleaning my face and before using all my serums and cremes :))

    xxx, Ly <333
    Ly Mademoiselle