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by - October 16, 2017

Dear readers,

better watch out for the cold season. It's coming. And since it's getting grey and dark outside, we're happy to find colours in our surroundings. Even I am glad to see a little bit of colours. But not only colours are trendy this season. Everyone is getting crazy about dark roses and pastell flower patterns.

I definitely won't buy any sweaters or scarves with those pattern. I'm just not the type for those patterns, but even more I was happy to see the new fall collection of ideal of sweden.

phone case, ideal of sweden, antique roses
phone case, ideal of sweden, floral romance

How beautiful are these two cases? I still can wear my black, white and grey clothes and I'm still looking fabulous adding these two cases as my accessories.

The antique roses case is definitely my favourite, although I'm not really into roses. Combining this case to my grungy boots and black ripped jeans make me looking perfect for a night out. Especially when the colour of the roses were matching to my lipstick colour.

And although the floral romance case is really girly like, it can match to the mentioned outfit combo as well. The colours of the floral pattern is soft and beautiful.

phone case, ideal of sweden

I just can admire the quality of ideal of sweden. The cases are so stable. My phone fell a few days ago and I'm proudly can say nothing happened, not even a scratch. And even the case survived with little scratches, which aren't visible. I wouldn't know there were scratches, if I'm not touching the surface of the smooth case.

phone case, ideal of sweden, code

The happy message I can share with you is I received a code for 20% off for a new case on www.idealofsweden.com ! And it is valid for one week.

There are of course more case designs, but I'm preferring these styles.

xo, RubyliXious

– in cooperation with ideal of Sweden –

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  1. The cases look so cute! Really need them haha! :)


  2. Wow, the cases look so pretty! :)

    With love
    Kim :)


  3. Hi! Great post and I love your photos!

    Have a lovely day!
    Tsukiakari from murasakiiroanu.blogspot.com

  4. Nice post ❤
    I followed you, can you followed me back?

  5. Die erste Hülle gefällt mir total gut! :)


  6. Sehr sehr schöne Hülle! Sieht super wertig aus :)
    Liebe Grüße,

  7. Die 2. Hülle mit den Pastel Farben find ich ja suuuper!!!
    Würd ich sofort kaufen aber ich benutz seit langem schon gar keine Hülle mehr 🙈 Höchstens mal eine transparente Hülle aber nicht mal die hab ich geschafft mir zu kaufen und jetzt lauf ich seit einem 3/4 Jahr ohne Hülle rum.... HAHAHAAH leb ein bisschen gefährlich grad xD

    Liebe Grüße, Ly :)
    Ly Mademoiselle

  8. I like floral pattern and these cases look awesome :) My only problem is that my phone is not so popular in Europe and I barely can find any case besides the one from producer's website.

  9. Great cases dear, love it :-)
    Have a nice day !

  10. Ich mage diese Handy-Hüllen auch sehr! Sie haben so schöne Farben und Muster. Sie erhalten etwas das Summer-Feeling im kühlen und grauen Herbst!
    Liebe Grüße,