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Dear readers,

winter is coming and so do the dry winter skin. Skin care wasn't a big issue for me, as my skin is smooth and clean naturally, but I think it's always better to protect before something bad happen. I was so thankful to have the chance to try out the huge package from gofeminin with test samples for new product by bebe. Usually they're sending small samples, but this time beside the small samples, I received two original size tubes as well. The smaller samples I shared with some of my friends.

bebe, cleansing mask

After a couple of months testing it I can surely write my opinion about this product. As the cleansing mask is in a tube, the application is very simple. It has the typical texture of cleansing mask with peeling particles. My first impression was honestly not very good. It is a one minute cleansing mask directly after the shower. So for me personally it's not really a mask at all. I am standing for cleansing peeling-off mask, because I think they're really working. Those one minute thing are often useless.

But honestly, I am really surprised and the cleansing mask by bebe becomes my routine after the shower now. As I mentioned before, the application is really easy. I apply the cleansing mask while I'm showering so I can wash it off directly. Sometimes I wait one minute sometimes I don't but it still has its effect. My skin is really smooth and soft right now. I never use face cream, because I'm one of the person who doesn't really needs cream. I already have really smooth skin, but sometimes for example in winter I need face cream for more moisture. But with the cleansing mask I don't even need a skin care base for my foundation. And in addition I shower at the evening, so I extend the function of the cleansing mask as makeup remover.

And at least I am delighted by the smell. It isn't too strong. It has the typical "bebe scent" with a note of citrus fruit. I can recommend to test it out, because as I mentioned. For me it's not really a mask, but it has its effect. I also share my test samples with friends and family and they all have different opinions on this cleansing mask. But more than a half thinks it makes the skin soft and smooth and that is the important part for us.

xo, RubyliXious

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  1. Nice review! Thanks for sharing!
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  2. I love bebe products! They've been amazing for my dry skin in the past :) xx Maja
    Maja's Muffin